Welcome to 2XL Cattle Company, LLC

Our vision at 2XL Cattle Company is to produce moderately-framed, structurally correct, registered Angus cattle that are capable of rapid growth in any environment. Many of our bulls available for sale have been tested and have excelled at bull test stations across the country. All animals that do not make the cut as breeding stock are finished in our grass-fed finishing operation, typically by 20 months of age with carcass grades on par or better than conventional feedlot operations. These same genetics provide efficient maternal lines that can wean a large calf without supplemental creep feed, maintain adequate body condition, and breed back in a timely manner. Whether you are looking for rapid growth, quality carcass traits, or efficient maternal lines, 2XL has the genetics you are looking for.

Mission Statement
Our mission at 2XL Cattle Company is to excel at producing moderately-framed, efficient registered Angus cattle that will perform well either in a grass finishing program or in the feedlot, as well as produce highly productive maternal lines with herd longevity.