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By far the best bull crop top to bottom ever raised at 2XL Cattle Company. These bulls are truly high performance, averaging an adjusted 731 lbs at 205 days wean on grass only/no creep feed during the drought last summer! These bulls were on test at Werner Feed Efficiency and gained extremely well. They average across the group top 10% of the Angus breed for WW, YW, CW, $W, $F, and $B and come from some of the best cow families at 2XL. See the tables below for all of the performance, EPDs, and Genomic information on this set of bulls. These bulls should definitely add extra pounds to your next calf crop!
We have several very good  bulls remaining with some for sale at upcoming auctions.
Hawkeye Country Angus Sale – June 3, 2018

** The videos were taken on rough frozen ground and are not a good representation of how these cattle actually move. Take a look at the videos for phenotype and come see the bulls at the farm to see them move on solid ground.

BullPictureVideoBornFull PedigreeSireDam's Sire
** see note above regarding videos
February 15, 201718866340K C F Bennett FortressA A R Ten X 7008 S A
Dam: 3003
Probably the most phenotypically correct bull we have ever raised, this bull has stood out in the group since he was a couple weeks old! He is part of an excellent flush from our top donor, Blackstone Pride 3003, who consistently produces phenotypically outstanding bulls with incredible numbers. The full brother to this bull, 7126, is currently the #1 WW son of KCF Bennett Fortress and only 1 of 24 bulls in the entire Angus breed with his combination of WW (+96), YW (+162) and $Beef EPDs ($193). Although we are retaining ownership of 7126 for now, we do have semen available, and 7287 offers a chance to own a high caliber full brother to our next great herdsire. 7287 is also a maternal brother to the ORIgen sire 2XL Generation X 5226, who was part of the “World Champion Pen of 3” at the Midland Bull Test in 2016. 7287 not only has the look, but also has the performance with ratios of 109, 105, 122, 103, 102 and 114 for WW, YW, Marbling, Ribeye, ADG, and RADG against this outstanding set of bulls. If you want to add some power, style, and depth of rib in your cattle, take a look at this standout bull!
** see note above regarding videos
January 23, 201718866254Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36V A R Discovery 2240
If you are looking for a bull that is going to make you money regardless of whether you sell calves at weaning, out of the feedlot, or on the grid, 2XL Rampage 7137 checks all those boxes. He ranks in the top 1% of the Angus breed for weaning weight, yearling weight, carcass weight, ribeye, $Beef and $Feedlot with all of his $Values in the top 30% of the breed! This bull comes from one of the best female lineages at 2XL Cattle Company. His granddam, Erica of Ellston M231, produced the #1 non-parent bull (2XL Exploration 5230) in the breed for yearling weight at the time of last summer’s EPD adjustment. His dam, 2XL Erica 5237, is a beautiful VAR Discovery heifer that is full sister to Exploration. This bull has proven that his EPDs equate to real world performance with ratios of 103, 105, 104, 106, and 104 for WW, YW, Marbling, ADG, and RADG against this outstanding set of bulls. This is not just a “numbers bull”, take a look at his picture and video and you will see a big framed, heavy muscled, long striding bull that has everything you are looking for in new herd bull.

Knoxville Regional Livestock – Special Sale May 29, 2018

BullBornFull PedigreeSireDam's Sire
February 14, 201719008416V A R Discovery 2240S A V Mandan 5664
February 11, 201719008170Plattemere Weigh Up K360S A V Net Worth 4200
February 10, 201719010394Quaker Hill Firestorm 3PT1TC Total 410

Private Treaty

BullBornFull PedigreeSireDam's Sire
August 31, 201618866334KCF Bennett FortressA A R Ten X 7008 S A
February 19, 201719008179Jindra Double VisionA A R Ten X 7008 S A

Selected EPDs


HD50k Genomics

HD50k Results are reported as the top % of the Angus breed, therefore a YW result of "1" would put the bull in the top 1% of the breed for YW. Key: CED=Calving Ease Direct, BW=Birth Weight, YW=Yearling Weight, DMI=Dry Matter Intake, YH=Yearling Height, SC=Scrotal, DOC=Docility, HP=Heifer Pregancy, MH=Maternal Height, CW=Carcass Weight, Marb=Marbling, RE=Ribeye, TEND=Tenderness