2016 World Champion Pen of Three

At 2XL Cattle Company, we believe that the more information we can get about every animal born on the farm, the more confidence you can have in the breeding decisions you are making. That is why we have decided to test our bulls against the best in the country at the Midland Bull Test Station. This not only allows us to see how our bulls stack up, but it gives us additional information about ADG and feed efficiency. In the 2016 test, we had 5 bulls that finished the test and all 5 of them finished above average for ADG. In fact, we were the only consigner to have 3 bulls finish with ADGs above 4.0#/day. For this we won the prestigious World Champion-Pen of 3 from more than 700 bulls on test. Our success was highlighted in the Wyoming Livestock Roundup in a recent article. Click here to read the full article.